JSOC SDP Status and Hardware Plan Review - 5 Nov 2007
    Physics and Astrophysics room 102      
Purpose is to confirm final hardware configuration prior to committing funds and to examine the status of the software development tasks and plans for completion. Goal is to assess status and determine if there are any gaps, issues, etc. to being ready to support science analysis by February 2009. This is a forward looking status assesment so little time will be spent reviewing completed items such as HMI instrument development support or the Data Capture System.
For the non-hardware topics, in general each report should include a brief descripotion of what the topic is, a short summary of the present status, a discussion of the near term and longer term plans for development including the estimated time that the item will be ready for science operations, and a discussion of any outstanding issues that need to be resolved prior to completion. The material in this update will be used to update SD-326a,b,c.
          Speaker mins Start time
1. Scope of JSOC-SDP status review   Phil 5 9:30 AM
2. System Overview - in reverse order from detailed discussions Phil 20  
  c. Applications      
  i. Data Capture System      
  ii. Level-0 for HMI and AIA      
  iii. Level-1 for HMI      
  iv Level-1 for AIA      
  v. Level-2 for HMI      
  b. Software Infrastructure      
  i. Storage Unit Management System (SUMS)      
  ii. Data Record Management System (DRMS)      
  iii. Data Procesing User Interface (DPUI)      
  iv. Web and Export Support      
  a. Hardware      
  i. SUMS Server and Archive      
  ii. Database Server(s)      
  iii. Primary Processors      
  iv. Network and Infrastructure      
3. Hardware            
  a. SUMS Server and Archive Keh-Cheng 30 9:55 AM
  i.   Overview of hierarchy      
  1.      Static Cache      
  2.      Permanent Online data storage      
  3.      Science work area      
  4.      Archive      
  ii.   Disk      
  iii.  Tape      
  iv.  Server      
  v. Procurement Plan      
  b. Pipeline processors Keh-Cheng 10  
  i.    Requirements and Specs updates      
  ii.   Procurement plan      
Break           10 10:35 AM
  c. Database servers Jennifer 20 10:45 AM
  i.    Requirements      
  ii.   DRMS/SUMS A/B system      
  iii   Web and remote DRMS support      
    iv. Procurement Plan      
  d. Networking and Facility Keh-Cheng 10 11:05 AM
  i.    High speed interconnect SUMS/Cluster      
  ii.   Lockheed dedicated      
  iii   Connections to science workstations and MDI system      
  iv.  Connections to web and remote users      
  v.   Power, cooling, etc      
    vi.  Security        
4. Software Infrastructure       11:15 AM
  a. SUMS Jim 15  
  i.   Quick overview how it works      
  ii.  Requirements and specifications update      
    iii  Software Implementation status      
  b. DRMS   30 11:30 AM
  i.   Requirements and specifications update Karen    
  ii. Implementation status      
  1.      core system      
  2.      API bindings      
  a.   C      
  b.   FORTRAN Art    
  c.   IDL Jennifer    
  iii. RDRMS and RSUMS development status Rick    
Lunch break - you are on your own   120 12:00 PM
  c. Pipeline Control Jim 15 2:00 PM
  i.   Quick overview what it needs to do      
  ii.  Development plan      
  d. Web and Export   Rick 15 2:15 PM
  i. Web interface to science data      
  ii. Quicklook delivery to SWFC etc.      
    iii. Public interface to key results and solar status      
  e. General System support   10 2:30 PM
  i. Config management and change control Art    
  ii. Database maintenance Jennifer    
  iii. Documentation support Carl    
  1.   Development docs, requirements, specs, etc      
  2.   User docs, man pages, wiki, docs, etc.      
5. Applications         2:40 PM
  a. DCS     Jim 15 2:40 PM
  i.  Overview      
  1. Networking      
  2. 3-systems configuration      
  3. DDS interface      
  4. DCS User Interface      
  ii.  Status and issues      
  iii. Test plan      
  b. Level-0 Processing     20 2:55 PM
  i. Extraction from tlm Jim    
  ii. Primary image extraction Keh-Cheng    
  iii. HK processing Carl    
  1.  High speed bus HK      
  2   RT HK extraction      
  3   Dayfile HK processing      
  iv. SDO HK, e.g. roll angle Jennifer    
  v. FDS data, e.g. SDO velocity      
  vi. Quicklook processing for IOC      
  vii. Level 0.3/0.5 processing      
Break           10 3:15 PM
  c. Level-1 Processing     3:25 PM
  i. 1.0q, 1.0, 1.5q, 1.5p, 1.5 definitions & keywords Phil 10  
  ii. HMI   10  
  1   Level 1.0      
  2   Level 1.5      
  a.   I&V Dopplergrams and Continuum      
  b.   IQUV Stokes      
  c.   Vector field inversions      
  iii. AIA Neal 10  
  1.  Level 1.0      
  2.  Level 1.5      
      3.  Movies      
  d. HMI Level-2 Science Data Products     3:55 PM
  Guidelines for pipeline discussion      
  i. Common Tools Rick 10  
  1.  Remap and gap filling of filtergrams      
  2.  Standard projections      
  3.  Tracked cutouts and remaps      
  4.   Low-res movies      
  ii. Global HS Jesper/Tim 5  
  iii. Local HS   30  
  1.  Rings method flow maps Rick    
  2.  TD flow and wave-speed maps Junwei    
  a.  Upper CZ      
  b.  Deep focus Tom    
  3.  Holography farside      
  iv. Magnetic Fields   20  
  1.  LOS Standard products Todd/Yang    
  2.  Vector coronal extrapolations and ambiguity issues      
  3.  Connection to solar wind      
  v. Continuum intensity Products Rock/Phil 5  
6. Summary - Collected Comments from meeting      
Done             5:05 PM