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SDO First Light Event - 21 April 2010

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NASA Releases First SDO Images.

NASA shows 1st images from solar observatory

Solar observation spacecraft delivers stunning close-ups of sun

Scientists rocked by images of Sun from NASA's new solar observatory

New Space Telescope Delivers First Mind-Blowing Video of the Sun

Nasa's Solar Dynamics Observatory returns first images

'Spectacular' First Images from New Solar Observatory Released

Solar Dynamics Observatory views sun for first time

Diving Deep into a Solar Prominence (SDO First Light)

Solar-staring spacecraft captures novel views of sun's violence

NASA releases first images from new solar observatory

NASA unveils new images of the sun

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory producing sun science that doubles as eye candy

Pictures: NASA Solar Observatory's First Shots

'Rings of fire' erupt from sun in NASA probe's first videos

ScienceShot: A Psychedelic Sun

NASA solar satellite flashes first Sun images

SDO Wows With 'First Light' Images, Videos

The Sun as you've never seen it: Nasa reveals stunning footage from new satellite

Nasa Releases Dramatic New Sun Pictures

Solar spacecraft begins study of our Sun