2nd Vector Magnetogram Comparison Workshop

October 19-21, 2010, Stanford, CA

The 2nd Vector Magnetogram Comparison Workshop will take place at Stanford University on 19-21 October, 2010.

The Tuesday and Wednesday morning sessions will be held in room 101 of the Paul Allen Center for Integrated Systems.

The Thursday morning session will take place in the 102/103 conference room in the Physics & Astrophysics Building.

Afternoon sessions will take place in smaller Cypress, Cedar, and P&A Conference rooms.

General Stanford campus information can be found at Stanford visitor information.

Second Announcement [ 28 September 2010 ]

Registered participants [ 5 October 2010 ]
To register, please contact Frank Hill : hill at


Detailed Agenda [ 18 October 2010 ]

List of Workshop Tasks [21 October, 2010 ]

Links to data for July 1-3, 2010 [See 2nd Announcement for more details]


SOLIS data for 2010.07 can be found at For 2009


As described in the 2nd announcement a vector magnetogram made at 2010.07.02_01:00 and MUCH MUCH MORE can be found at
The README file in the directory provides some information.


A Hinode-like simulation of IQUV from Bob Stein is available

Links to presentations will be posted as they are received

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