Solar Dynamics Observatory
Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager

Final Proposal - 24 April 2002

Some appendices and cost tables omitted


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Individual Sections

A.0 Graphics Cover Page PDF PS
A.1 Cover Page and Proposal Summary PDF PS
B Table of Contents PDF PS
C.1 Science Objectives PDF PS
C.2 Instrument and MODA PDF
C.4 Science Team PDF PS
C.Foldout.1 Foldout 1 Science PDF PS
C.Foldout.2 Foldout 2 Instrument PDF PS
D.1 Education and Public Outreach PDF PS
D.2 Technology Plan and SDB Plan PDF PS
E Management and Schedule Plan PDF PS
F Cost Methodology and Cost Estimates PDF PS
G.4 Statement of Work PDF PS
G.5 References PDF PS
G.7 International Issues PDF DOC
G.8 ITAR Issues PDF PS