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Pipeline Script Specifications


Script Version
	2.6	22 IX 2020

General Description
	Implements the synoptic ring-diagrams pipeline for “daily” analysis of
	local regions on three different scales, 5, 15, and 30

	Iincluded in  in JSOC release 9.41
	In use for ring-diagram pipelines from 2020.09.22
	This version supersedes Version 2.5

	The script is in the JSOC CVS repository

	rdday [-test]  SIZE CR CL [N]
	Auxiliary script names rdday_psp, rdday_qfit, rdday_inv, and rdday_cfit
	are aliases used to (re-)start processing at successive steps beyond tracking.
	-test		If specified, the input and output series will be in namespace
			hmi_test by default; otherwise they are in hmi. Also if specified,
			options for non-standard module versions or modules and input series
			namespaces will be read from a specified file

	SIZE		The tile size to be analyzed: must be 5, 15, or 30

	CR		The Carrington rotation number at the center of the analysis interval

	CL		The central meridian longitude at the center of the analysis interval

	N		If specified, tracking will start with set N rather than 0; only used
			for resumption of interrupted processing of 5 of 15 tiles (only one
			set of 30 tiles is produced)

Input Data Series/Records:
    		normal			test
	hmi.V_45s		hmi_test.V_45s
	hmi.M_45s		hmi_test.M_45s
	hmi.V_avg120		hmi_test.V_avg120
	yale_cb.guess_table[1]	yale_cb.guess_table[1]

Intermediate and Output Data Series:
    		5			15			30
	hmi.rdMAI_fd05		hmi.rdmai_fd15		hmi.rdmai_fd30
	hmi.rdVtrack_fd05	hmi.rdVtrack_fd15	hmi.rdVtrack_fd30
	hmi.rdVpspec_fd05	hmi.rdVpspec_fd15	hmi.rdVpspec_fd30
				hmi.rdVfitsf_fd15	hmi.rdVfitsf_fd30
	hmi.rdVfitsc_fd05	hmi.rdVfitsc_fd15	hmi.rdVfitsc_fd30
				hmi.rdVflows_fd15_frame	hmi.rdVflows_fd30_frame

	(in test mode, same products in namespace hmi_test)

Modules invoked:

	(in test mode particular versions of modules, or other modules entirely,
	may be used as requested, provided calling sequences are compatible)

Auxiliary Scripts invoked:

Auxiliary Files used:
	~rick/hmi/notify (for addresses of email notifications)
	~rick/hmi/rings/testoptions (for test options if -test specified)
		if not present, both default to /tmp
	~rick/hmi/tmpfs (optional locations for roots of temp and scratch directories)
	~rick/hmi/ (optional alternative base for temp and scratch directories)
	/home/dhaber/coefhrtest.dat (required for rdfitf)
	~rick/hmi/pike (fulfills required argument to ~rick/hmi/pikewatch)

Auxiliary Scripts invoked if present:

Fixed Parameter Values:
module:paramSIZE 5SIZE 15SIZE 30
rdcover,maicalc,mtrack:length 768 2304 4608
rdcover,mtrack:max_miss 1000
rdcover,mtrack:qmask 0x80004000
gentargs:grid rdsyn05 rdsyn15 rdsyn30
maicalc:flags -l
maicalc:scale 0.04
maicalc:extent 5.12 15.36 30.72
maicalc:rec_step 64
maicalc:qmask 0x8001c540
maicalc:max_reach 0.5
maicalc:floor 50
maicalc,pspec3:mask_in 0.9765625
maicalc,pspec3:apodize 0.96875
mtrack:flags -voc
mtrack:map Postel
mtrack:scale 0.04 0.04 0.08
mtrack:cols,rows 128 384 384
pspec3:flags -v
pspec3:mask_in 0.9765625
pspec3:mask_ex 1.0
pspec3:apodize 0.96875
pspec3:fbin 0
rdfitf:guessfile ~dhaber/coefhrtest.dat
rdfitf:nmax (5) 14 14
rdfitf:kstart (5,3,3,3,7,7) 8,6,6,6,6,6,6,7,9,
rdfitf:kstop (38,28,20,15,12, 9) 120,75,60,45,60,50,
rdvinv:num (21) 31 61
rdvinv:rb (0.99) 0.97 0.94
rdvinv:re (1.00) 1.00 1.00
rdvinv:nmax 8
rdvinv:lmax 2000
rdvinv:seg fit,out
rdvinv:uxseg Ux
rdvinv:uyseg Uy
rdvinv:amu 0.005
rdvinv:ob 1.0
rdvinv:oe 5.2
rdfitc:guessfile yale_cb.guess_table[1]
rdfitc:fmin 900
rdfitc:fmax 5500 5500 5500
rdfitc:nmin 0
rdfitc:nmax 10
rdfitc:lmin 80
rdfitc:lmax 3000
rdfitc:ux 0.0
rdfitc:uy 0.0
rdfitc:bfgsct 125
rdfitc:linminct 15
rdfitc:A1 fit
rdfitc:S fit
rdfitc:A1_guess 0.0
rdfitc:S_guess 200.0
Default Parameter Values (Fixed for non-Test mode):
module:paramSIZE 5SIZE 15SIZE 30
rdcover, mtrack:reject ~rick/hmi/qual/reject.V (linked to ~jsoc/hmi/tables/LHS_reject.v)
maicalc:los hmi.M_45s
maicalc:mai hmi.rdMAI_fd05 hmi.rdMAI_fd15 hmi.rdMAI_fd30
maicalc:reject ~rick/hmi/qual/reject.M_45s (linked to ~jsoc/hmi/tables/LHS_reject.m45)
mtrack:out hmi.rdVtrack_fd05 hmi.rdVtrack_fd15 hmi.rdVtrack_fd30
mtrack:in hmi.V_45s
pspec3:in hmi.rdVtrack_fd05 hmi.rdVtrack_fd15 hmi.rdVtrack_fd30
pspec3:pspec hmi.rdVpspec_fd05 hmi.rdVpspec_fd15 hmi.rdVpspec_fd30
rdfitf:in hmi.rdVpspec_fd05 hmi.rdVpspec_fd15 hmi.rdVpspec_fd30
rdfitf:out hmi.rdVfitsf_fd05 hmi.rdVfitsf_fd15 hmi.rdVfitsf_fd30
rdvinv:out hmi.rdVflows_fd15_frame hmi.rdVflows_fd30_frame
rdvinv:in hmi.rdVfitsf_fd15 hmi.rdVfitsf_fd30
rdvinv:kernel hmi.HSKernels[cm_opal_78]
rdfitc:in hmi.rdVpspec_fd05 hmi.rdVpspec_fd15 hmi.rdVpspec_fd30
rdfitc:out hmi.rdVfitsc_fd05 hmi.rdVfitsc_fd15 hmi.rdVfitsc_fd30

Sample commands:
	rdday 30 2100 180
	rdday -test 15 2100 195
	rdday 5 2100 200 4

Changes from Previous Version
	— removed non-default value for argument tobs_key to module mtrack

Bugs in current version
	The intermediate input series cannot be overridden by the options file in
	continuation runs in test mode.

	When the script is aborted early on account of missing series or modules,
	notification is only to stdout; there is no mailed or logged report.

	Uses current default values to module rdcover for arguments trec_key, tobs_key,
	tstp_key, qual_key, clon_key, clat_key, crot_key, and pa_key.

	Uses current default values to module maicalc for arguments rec_step, mask_ex,
	trec_key, tobs_key, tstp_key, qual_key, clon_key, clat_key, crot_key, rsun_key,
	apsd_key, and dsun_key.

	Uses current default values to module mtrack for arguments interp, fillopt,
	map_pa, merid_v, trec_key, tobs_key, tstp_key, qual_key, clon_key, clat_key, crot_key,
	rsun_key, apsd_key, dsun_key, cvkey, cvok, and cvno.

	Uses current default value to module pspec3 for argument copy.

	Uses current default values to module rdfitf for arguments guessfile, nmin,
	npar, ntht, nthts, nrdtot, ux, uy, smooth, mdata, mfilt, xtol, ftol, feps,
	delta0, maxeval, igrad, iextrap, idiag, and iprint.

	Uses current default values to module rdfitc for argument copy.

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