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Pipeline Data Series Specifications

MAI's – local magnetic activity indices

Data Series class
activity indices associated with (tracked) (mapped) data cubes
Data Series included
Data Record organization
Individual records correspond to data cubes with a unique set of the union of the prime keyword values. In general, individual records should be referenced by three prime keys describing their spatial and temporal locations. Additional or different prime keys may be necessary if the data series references tracked data for which the same time and location may be mixed with other parameters, such as observable, data source, region size, length of tracking interval, tracking rate, etc.

Data Segments
There are no data segments associated with these series; all data are in keywords in the database.

Prime Keywords
The following prime keys are expected to be common to data series in this class:
	CarrRot, int,    "Carrington rotation at MidTime"
	CMLon,   float,  "Longitude of central meridian at MidTime"
	LonHG,   float,  "Carrington longitude of tracked region center"
	LatHG,   float,  "Latitude of tracked region center"
	LonCM,   float,  "CM (Stonyhurst) longitude of tracked region center at MidTime"
One of the three possible prime keys CMLon, LonHG, and LonCM is redundant, but it is useful to keep all three for data selection. Default values and format specifications can of course be tailored to the specific data series. Likewise, the types of CMLon, LonHG, LonCM, and LatHG can be integer, and any of these can be slotted.

Additional Keywords
The following keys may occur in data series in this class, and if present will be appropriately set by maicalc (Version 2.1 or higher) from required or optional input parameters and data:
	MAI,      float,  "Magnetic Activity Index"
	dMAIdt,   float,  "Rate of change of Magnetic Activity Index"
	MeanBigBz,float,  "Signed mean of strong field"
	dMnBigBdt,float,  "Rate of change of signed strong field mean"
	BigBArea, float,  "Fraction of area covered by contributing field"
	T_OBS,    time,   "Effective sample-weighted observation time"
	BMin,     float,  "Minimum contributing Bz value"
	LonBMin,  float,  "Longitude of minimum contributing Bz value"
	LatBMin,  float,  "Latitude of minimum contributing Bz value"
	t_BMin,   time,   "Time of minimum contributing Bz value"
	BMax,     float,  "Maximum contributing Bz value"
	LonBMax,  float,  "Longitude of maximum contributing Bz value"
	LatBMax,  float,  "Latitude of maximum contributing Bz value"
	t_BMax,   time,   "Time of maximum contributing Bz value"
	RMax,	  float,  "Maximum magram r/R location in apodization circle"
	MeanMu,   float,  "Mean center-to-limb parameter"
	MeanPA,   float,  "Mean position angle on image"
	BadPix,   float,  "Maggram pixel fraction in apodization circle offlimb or despiked"
	Samples,  short,  "Number of contributing time samples"
	Module,   string, "Creation module"
	Source,   string, "Input data source"
	Backgrnd, string, "Background image subtracted from data"
	Created,  time,   "Record creation time"
	BLD_VERS, string, "JSOC library build"
	MapProj,  string, "Map projection"
	MapScale, float,  "Map scale"
	BFloor,   float,  "Cutoff for rejection of weak field"
	Size,     float,  "Diameter of region (nominal)"
	Apode_t,  float,  "Temporal apodization edge"
	Apod_Min, float,  "Inner spatial apodization edge"
	Apod_Max, float,  "Outer spatial apodization edge"

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