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Pipeline Data Series Specifications

ringvinv – velocity inversions of ring diagram mode/ridge fits

Data Series class
velocity inversions of ring diagram fits to power spectra of (tracked) (mapped) data cubes
Data Series included
Individual Data Series notes
Series hmi.rdVflows_fd05_frame exists, but is unpopulated.

Data Record organization
Individual records correspond to inversions of sets of mode fits in the records of one of the ringfits data series corresponding to all available locations for a given time. Individual records are always expected to be referenced by one or two prime keys describing the temporal locations of the corresponding fits. Additional prime keys are necessary if a data series mixes different inversion procedures or parameters, or different sources of fits to the spectra for the same times and locations,

Prime Keywords and slotting
name        type   comment

CarrRot     int    Carrington rotation at MidTime
CMLon       float  Longitude of central meridian at MidTime

CMLon_base  float  CMLon index base in same units as CMLon
CMLon_step  float  CMLon index step in same units as CMLon
These two keywords specify the target MidTime of the relevant analysis data cubes if the orbit of the observing platform is known (provided that there is no retrograde motion in the co-rotating Carrington frame!). Alternatively the MidTime could be the prime key if the spacing of the analysis interval target times is uniform.

Data Segments
The data series contains at least two record segments, one for each of the separate sets of inversions for the fit parameters Ux and Uy corresponding to transverse Doppler offests relative to the local tracking rate (presumed to be in the local zonal and meridional directions). Additional record segments for optional files containing averaging kernels and/or inversion coefficients associated with the inversions may be present in the data series, as well as optional record segments for the processing history.

The data segments corresponding to the sets of inversion results are stored in ASCII files (DRMS generic protocol). Each segment is actually a directory (named by the segment name) containing a single file corresponding to the relevant inversion for each input fit file. The file naming convention for files produced by module rdvinv are created from the Carrington time and Stonyhurst location of the corresponding ring analysis and the inverted parameter; they are best illustrated by a few examples:

The format of the ASCII files produced by different inversion modules may differ, but should have the following common elements:
Sample file
produced by rdvinv
# Flow inversion of hmi.rdVfitsf_fd15[2213][360][000.0][+00.0][+00.0]
# against kernel hmi.HSKernels[cm_opal78]
# rdvinv v 0.93
# error trade-off parameter mu = 0.00500
# mode frequency limits ob = 1.000 mHz, oe = 5.200 mHz
# mode limits nmax = 8, lmax = 2000
# target bounds rb = 0.970, re= 1.000, num = 31
# Rtrg     mu    CG of av. kernel, quartiles                soln          err
#                           1       2       3     3-1
0.97000 0.00500 0.97741 0.97190 0.97745 0.98293 0.01103  3.17744e+01  2.03630e+01
0.97100 0.00500 0.97768 0.97227 0.97777 0.98313 0.01086  2.99124e+01  1.96775e+01
0.97200 0.00500 0.97798 0.97267 0.97812 0.98335 0.01069  2.81851e+01  1.89736e+01
0.99800 0.00500 0.99749 0.99716 0.99794 0.99857 0.00141  7.60670e+00  2.92189e+00
0.99900 0.00500 0.99844 0.99821 0.99893 0.99953 0.00132  1.56317e+00  2.81583e+00
1.00000 0.00500 0.99950 0.99946 0.99988 1.00013 0.00067 -1.39460e+00  2.47550e+00

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