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Pipeline Module Specifications


Module Version
	0.7	8 Apr 2013

General Description

xtrackd is a special case of a general purpose rebinning module that takes as its input a 3-dimensional data cube such as those produced by mtrack and extracts a subset in the most-slowly varying dimension (time) only. It has special additional features to analyze and recreate the log as produced by mtrack and to set the applicable keyword values. The purpose is to be able to produce tracked data cubes of arbitrary length from very long ones, ideally covering full disc passages of each region,
	Included in JSOC release 6.4
	Not used in ring-diagram pipelines

	The source code and Makefile are in the JSOC CVS repository

	xtrackd [-n] in= InputDescriptor out= OutputDescriptor
	    length= ExtractLength [param= val ...]
	-n	do not save output (for testing)
	-v	run verbose

	in		the name of an input data set (record selection).
			No default, must be provided.

	out		the name of the output data series, which must already
			exist; record selection is based on runtime parameters
			and the series prime keywords. One record is produced
			on output for each input record.No default, must be

	length		The length of the extraction interval, in units of the
			timestep (CDELT3 value) in the in input data set.
			No default, must be provided.

	tmid		The midpoint of the selected interval to be extracted, which
			may be expressed in either standard Date_Time format or in
			CarringtonRotation:Longitude format (e.g. 1988:150.0),
			in which case it refers to the central meridian crossing
			time appropriate to the observing platform. Default: the
			midpoint of the input cube.

	mai		An array of Magnetic Activity Index (MAI) values corresponding
			to the selected subintervals for each of the input cubes, in the
			same order; Default: [NaN]. These must have been calculated
			elsewhere; only used for setting the MAI key values in the output
			records. If the number of MAI values in the array differs from
			the number of input records, the key values will not be set in
			any of the output records.

Input Data series class:
	tracked mapped data cubes from solar image data

Output Data series class:
	tracked mapped data cubes from solar image data

Bugs in current version
	No checking for agreement of dimensions between input and output

	Log information not copied to output

	Only uses earth ephemeris

	Data are unconditionally treated as floats (except in set_stat_keys)

	Copying of LonHG and LatHG assumes Carrington tracking

	The following mtrack standard keys are not (yet) set:
	  CarrTime, CarrLon, LonSpan, Input, *_bscale, *_bzero, MeanMU, MeanLat,
	  MDI_PA_Corr, PrimeKeyString

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