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Pipeline Module Specifications


Module Version
	1.1	2 XII 2010

General Description
	rdfitc implements the procedure of Basu and Antia (ApJ 512, 458;
	Solar Phys 192, 469) for fitting 3-d solar acoustic power spectra to
	a multi-parameter model for line and background characteristics

	This version has been superseded by Version 1.2

	In use for ring-diagram pipelines 2011.02.28 – 2011.05.31
	    (CR 2097–2100, 2104–2109)
	Included in JSOC release 5.12
	The source code and Makefile are in the JSOC CVS repository
	This version supersedes Version 1.0

	rdfitc [-nvx2] in= InputDescriptor out= OutputDescriptor
	    [param= val ...]
	-n	no fitting (diagnostics only)
	-v	run verbose
	-x	extra reporting of number of iterations
	-2	calculate second derivatives explicitly

	in		the name of an input data set (record selection); No default
	guessfile	Name of a file containing the initial frequency guesses;
			should be a rooted pathname. No default:
	out		Name of the output data series (or file)
			Default: fit.out
			The value of the out parameter is interpreted as the name of
			of a data series, and if such a series exists with insert
			permission, the output fit files and logs will be inserted as
			records in that series; otherwise, the value will be interpreted
			as the name of a file to which the fit parameters are written,
			and the log information goes to stderr.
	nmin		Minimum radial (vertical) order to fit. Default: 0
	nmax		Maximum radial order to fit. Default: 10
	lmin		Minimum equivalent spherical-harmonic degree to fit. Default: 80
	lmax		Maximum degree to fit. Default: 3000
	fmin		Minimum frequency to fit [μHz]. Default: 900
	fmax		Maximum frequency to fit [μHz]. Default: 5500
	bfgsct		Number of iterations for bfgs function.. Default: 125
	linminct	Number of iterations for linmim function.. Default: 15
	ux		Initial guess for zonal flow speed [m/s]. Default: 0.0
	uy		Initial guess for meridional flow speed [m/s]. Default: 0.0
	A1_guess	Initial guess for amplitude term A1. Default: 0.0
	A1		Fixed value for amplitude term A1 in lieu of fit. Default: "fit"
	S_guess		Initial guess for asymmetry term S. Default: -200.0
	S		Fixed value for asymmetry term S in lieu of fit. Default: "fit"
	copy             A comma-separated list of keywords to be propagated as-is from
			input to output; Default: "+"

Input Data series class:
	power spectra of data cubes

Input keys used or inspected:

	* only if preferred keys not found

Sample input series:

Output Data series class:
	ring diagram mode fits

Output keys set (if possible):
	CarrTime*, Module, Source, Created, BLD_VERS, n_x_fits, n_x_fmin, n_x_fmax

	* if not propagated

Input keys propagated to output (if possible) if "+" in copy list:
	CarrTime, CarrRot, CMLon, LonHG, LatHG, LonCM, MAI, Ident, MidTime,
	Duration, Cadence, LonSpan, T_START, T_STOP, Coverage, Size, Width, Height,
	MapProj, MapScale, Map_PA, PosAng, ZonalTrk, ZonalVel, MeridTrk, MeridVel,
	Apode_f, Apode_k_min, Apode_k_max, APODIZNG, APOD_MIN, APOD_MAX
Sample output series:

Changes from Previous Version
	— Added option for copying values of different or additional keywords from input

	— Added setting of keywords n_x_fits, n_x_fmin, n_x_fmax

	— Added Ident to list of default propagated keywords

	— Added parameters for asymmetry term and A1 initial guesses (including turning
	off their fitting); added setting of keywords for parameters

	— Fixed reporting value of parameter p

	— Changed default for fmax from 7000 to 5500

Bugs in current version
	The output column for δν (5) is labeled w_0 (and identical with
	column 19), since there is no formal uncertainty on the frequency.
	It should, however, be the uncertainty on w_0.

	The quality parameters sn (amplitude/background) and pk (the fit
	power-law exponent for ν(l) are not printed (simply because they
	were not included in the standard).

	If either of the flags -2x are given the output will not conform to
	the standard; the flag -2 is not correctly interpreted in any case.

	It is implicitly assumed (not checked) that the input power spectrum
	is centred, with CRPIX1 = cols / 2 + 1, CRPIX2 = rows / 2 + 1, CRPIX3 = 1,
	CRVALi = 0.0, and that the units are in Mm-1 and sec-1; only the units
	are verified. The code will not work properly if the number of rows or
	columns is odd.

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