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Pipeline Module Specifications


Module Version
	1.2	9 VI 2011

General Description
	rdfitc implements the procedure of Basu and Antia (ApJ 512, 458;
	Solar Phys 192, 469) for fitting 3-d solar acoustic power spectra to
	a multi-parameter model for line and background characteristics

	This version has been superseded by Version 1.3

	In use for ring-diagram pipelines 2011.06.20 – 2017.02.20
	    (CR 2096–2097, 2109–2186)
	Included in JSOC release 6.0
	The source code and Makefile are in the JSOC CVS repository
	This version supersedes Version 1.1

	rdfitc_v12 is a compiled standalone DRMS binary built with NetDRMS 9.0
	to run in the JSOC configuration. Versions are in:

	rdfitc [-nvx2] in= InputDescriptor out= OutputDescriptor
	    [param= val ...]
	-n	no fitting (diagnostics only)
	-v	run verbose
	-x	extra reporting of number of iterations
	-2	calculate second derivatives explicitly

	in		the name of an input data set (record selection); No default
	guessfile	Name of a file containing the initial frequency guesses;
			should be a rooted pathname. No default:
	out		Name of the output data series (or file)
			Default: fit.out
			The value of the out parameter is interpreted as the name of
			of a data series, and if such a series exists with insert
			permission, the output fit files and logs will be inserted as
			records in that series; otherwise, the value will be interpreted
			as the name of a file to which the fit parameters are written,
			and the log information goes to stderr.
	nmin		Minimum radial (vertical) order to fit. Default: 0
	nmax		Maximum radial order to fit. Default: 10
	lmin		Minimum equivalent spherical-harmonic degree to fit. Default: 80
	lmax		Maximum degree to fit. Default: 3000
	fmin		Minimum frequency to fit [μHz]. Default: 900
	fmax		Maximum frequency to fit [μHz]. Default: 5500
	kxmin		Minimum accepted value of kx in input spectrum. Default: no minimum
	kxmax		Maximum accepted value of kx in input spectrum. Default: no maximum
	kymin		Minimum accepted value of ky in input spectrum. Default: no minimum
	kymax		Maximum accepted value of ky in input spectrum. Default: no maximum
	bfgsct		Number of iterations for bfgs function.. Default: 125
	linminct	Number of iterations for linmim function.. Default: 15
	ux		Initial guess for zonal flow speed [m/s]. Default: 0.0
	uy		Initial guess for meridional flow speed [m/s]. Default: 0.0
	A1_guess	Initial guess for amplitude term A1. Default: 0.0
	A1		Fixed value for amplitude term A1 in lieu of fit. Default: "fit"
	S_guess		Initial guess for asymmetry term S. Default: -200.0
	S		Fixed value for asymmetry term S in lieu of fit. Default: "fit"
	copy             A comma-separated list of keywords to be propagated as-is from
			input to output; Default: "+"

Input Data series class:
	power spectra of data cubes

Input keys used or inspected:

	* only if preferred keys not found

Sample input series:

Output Data series class:
	ring diagram mode fits

Output keys set (if possible):
	CarrTime*, Module, Source, Created, BLD_VERS, n_x_fits, n_x_fmin, n_x_fmax

	* if not propagated

Input keys propagated to output (if possible) if "+" in copy list:
	CarrTime, CarrRot, CMLon, LonHG, LatHG, LonCM, MAI, Ident, MidTime,
	Duration, Cadence, LonSpan, T_START, T_STOP, Coverage, Size, Width, Height,
	MapProj, MapScale, Map_PA, PosAng, ZonalTrk, ZonalVel, MeridTrk, MeridVel,
	Apode_f, Apode_k_min, Apode_k_max, APODIZNG, APOD_MIN, APOD_MAX
Sample output series:

Changes from Previous Version
	changed contents of column 5 from w0 to D_w0
	set values in qual column based on autoweeding used in rdvinv

	fixed bug in determination of default input segment when input series
	contains multiple segments

	added optional rectangular filtering on input spectrum

Bugs in current version
	The output column for δν (5) is labeled D_w_0 (and identical with
	column 20), since there is no formal uncertainty on the frequency.

	The quality parameters sn (amplitude/background) and pk (the fit
	power-law exponent for ν(l) are not printed (simply because they
	were not included in the standard).

	If either of the flags -2x are given the output will not conform to
	the standard; the flag -2 is not correctly interpreted in any case.

	It is implicitly assumed (not checked) that the input power spectrum
	is centred, with CRPIX1 = cols / 2 + 1, CRPIX2 = rows / 2 + 1, CRPIX3 = 1,
	CRVALi = 0.0, and that the units are in Mm-1 and sec-1; only the units
	are verified. The code will not work properly if the number of rows or
	columns is odd.

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