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Pipeline Script Specifications


Script Version
	1.8	1 XII 2014

General Description
	Produces time averaged images over 1/3 of a Carrington rotation (120 deg)
	from the definitive HMI observable time series, using the same acceptance
	criteria as rdday

	Included in JSOC release 8.7
	The script is in the JSOC CVS repository

	avg120 [-test]  [-TYPE] CR CL
	-test		If specified, the output series will be in namespace hmi_test;
			otherwise it is in hmi

	TYPE		A code for the observable series to be averaged
			Valid values are: v (for series *.V_45s); c (for series *.Ic_45s);
			z (for series *.M_45s); w (for series *.Lw_45s); d (for series
			*.Ld_45s); and l (for intermediate series line core *.LC_45s).
			If not specified, the default is v 

	CR		The Carrington rotation number at the center of the averaging interval

	CL		The central meridian longitude at the center of the averaging interval

Input Data Series:

Output Data Series:

Modules invoked:

Auxiliary Files used:
	~rick/hmi/qual/reject.V (for data acceptance beyond QUALITY)
	~rick/hmi/tmpfs (for location of temp and scratch files)
	~rick/rings/notify (for addresses of email notifications)

Fixed Parameter Values:
module:paramTYPEvizwd l
datavg:flags -ov -v -v -v -v -v
datavg:length 120 120 120 120 120 120
datavg:qmask 0x80004000 0x80004000 0x80004000 0x80004000 0x80004000 0x80004000
datavg:reject ~rick/hmi/qual/reject
datavg:mscale 0.25
datavg:mzero 0.0
datavg:pscale 10.0
datavg:pzero 327670.0
Sample commands:
	avg120 2100 180
	avg120 -test -c 2100 360

Changes from Previous Version
	— added appropriate parameter values for output scaling options for Doppler data;
	others use ouput series defaults

Bugs in current version
	The line core option is a stub for use of unimplemented intermediate series
	produced by subtraction of line depth from continuum as input

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