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Pipeline Script Specifications


Script Version
	2.2	26 X 2022

General Description
	Produces time averaged power spectra over a Carrington rotation
	from the power spectra of tracked ring-diagram tiles; also produces
	fits to certain averaged power spectra

	Used for pipeline production from about Nov. 19, 2022, including all of
	Not included in any JSOC release so far.
	hmi.rdVavgpspec_fd05[2263 –], hmi.rdVavgpspec_fd15[2263 –],
	hmi.rdVfitsc_avg15[2263 –, hmi.rdVavgpspec_fd30[2263 –]
	and hmi.rdVfitsc_avg30[2263 –]

	This version supersedes Version 2.1
	avgpsbycr [-test] Size CarRot
	-test		If specified, the output series will be in namespace hmi_test;
			otherwise it is in hmi

	Size		The tile size of spectra to be averaged: must be 5, 15, or 30

	CarRot		The Carrington rotation number of the averaging interval

Input Data Series:

Output Data Series:

Modules invoked:

Auxiliary Files used:
	~rick/hmi/notify (for addresses of email notifications)
	~rick/hmi/rings/testoptions (for test options if -test specified)
	~rick/hmi/tmpfs (optional locations for roots of temp and scratch directories)
		if not present, both default to /tmp

Fixed Parameter Values for module datavg:
	flags	-v
	mean	logP
	pkey	CMLon
	mscale	0.0005
	mzero	-11.5
paramSize 5Size 15Size 30
out hmi[_test].rdVavgpspec_fd05 hmi[_test].rdVavgpspec_fd15 hmi[_test].rdVavgpspec_fd30
in hmi.rdVpspec_fd05[CarrRot] hmi.rdVpspec_fd15[CarrRot] hmi.rdVpspec_fd30[CarrRot]
Fixed Parameter Values for module rdfitc:
	guessfile        yale_cb.guess_table[1]
	nmin             0*
	fmin             900*
	lmin             80*
	lmax             3000*
	bfgsct           125*
	linminct         15*
	ux               0*
	uy               0*
	A1               fit*
	S                fit*
	A1_guess         0.0*
	S_guess          -200.0*
	kxmin            unspecified*
	kxmax            unspecified*
	kymin            unspecified*
	kymax            unspecified*
	copy             "+"*
*by default
paramSize 15Size 30
out hmi[_test].rdVfitsc_avg15 hmi[_test].rdVfitsc_avg30
in hmi[_test].rdVavgpspec_fd15 hmi[_test].rdVavgpspec_fd30
fmax 6000 7000
nmax 8 9

Sample commands:
	avgpsbycr 5 2161
	avgpsbycr 15 2096
	avgpsbycr 30 2096

Changes from Previous Version
	— added rdfitc fitting of averaged spectra for 15° and 30° tiles

Bugs in current version

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