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Pipeline Script Specifications


Script Version
	2.3	26 XI 2019

General Description
	Controls execution of script rdday. At regular intervals of time, instances of the
	rdday script are submitted for each tile set (5 and, as appropriate, 15 and 30)
	in increments of 5 in Carrington time. Before submitting the script, the input data
	series of HMI Dopplergrams is inspected for sufficient coverage. The input detrending
	series is inspected for the existence of the required record; if not found, the script
	avg120 is run to completion before proceeding. A “gatekeeper” file for permission to
	proceed is consulted before the submission of any script. If unable to proceed within
	a set time, the script aborts. Appropriate messages are posted for mail notification on
	successful completion or abort, and some script submission (or non-submission) notices
	are logged.

	If the coverage is insufficient for submission of the rdday script, the runmai script
	is submitted instead.

	Included in JSOC release 9.4
	In use for ring-diagram pipelines from 2019.11.26
	This version supersedes Version 2.2

	The script is in the JSOC CVS repository

	runrdsyn [-test] CarRot CMLonStart [CMLonStop [Spacing]]
	-test		If specified, all invocations of script rdday will be run with
			argument -test

	CarRot		The Carrington rotation number for the (first) interval processed

	CMLonStart	The Central Meridian Longitude (with CarRot, the Carrington Time)
			for the (first) interval to be processed

	CMLonStop	The Central Meridian Longitude (with CarRot, the Carrington Time)
			for the last interval to be processed. Carrington time intervals
			are processed in descending order of CM Longitude; If the stop value
			is greater than the start value, processing will continue into the
			next Carrington Rotation. Default: value of CMLonStart

	Spacing		The interval in minutes between successive runs of rdday (for the
			5 tiles). Default: 540

Input Data Series (may be overridden in test mode):

Modules invoked (may be overridden in test mode):

Scripts invoked:

Auxiliary Files used:
	~rick/hmi/rings/testoptions (for options when run with -test argument
	~rick/hmi/tmpfs (for location of temporary logging information)
	~rick/bin/tmplocs (parser for above)
	~rick/hmi (backup location for temporary logging information)
	~rick/hmi/pike (state file for permission to proceed)
	~rick/hmi/pikewatch (watcher for permission to proceed)

Fixed Parameter Value:
	The minimum acceptable coverage value for rdday to be run is 0.700

Fixed Parameter Values for modules:
module:paramSIZE 5SIZE 15SIZE 30
rdcover:length 768 2304 4608
rdcover:max_miss 10000
rdcover:qmask 0x80004000
rdcover:reject ~rick/hmi/qual/reject.V (linked to ~jsoc/hmi/tables/LHS_reject.v)
Sample commands:
	runrdsyn 2096 250
	runrdsyn 2096 245 215
	runrdsyn 2096 30 335 360

Changes from Previous Version
	— added version number definition
	— removed an erroneous endif
	— removed superfluous gatekeeper checks
	— fixed some log messages
	— avoid unnecessary sleep when ending at CR boundary

Bugs in current version
	The version of the script being run is not reported.

	There is no check for the existence of the "gatekeeper" files required for
	permission to proceed. If the watch script is missing the script will die;
	if the state file is missing the module will abort.

	If the parser for temporary file locations is missing, or any of the listed
	or alternate backup base locations are unavailable, logging and messages are
	directed to /tmp wherever the script is run.

	The max_miss parameter for module rdcover is 10000, whereas it is 1000 in
	script rdday, so in principle the latter script could be submitted in cases
	where the coverage criterion would result in its abandonment.

	There is no option for using a different rejection list for the coverage test.

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