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SDO - HMI / EVE / AIA  Science Teams Meeting - 2008
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SDO Science Teams Meeting AGENDA

Meeting Description

The meeting begins Tuesday morning with status reports and introductory science talks.

The majority of the meeting focuses primarily on working sessions.

There are several broad themes, one related to the solar and coronal magnetic field, another related to helioseismology, a third to the thermal structure of the solar atmosphere and irradiance, and a fourth to the SDO Knowledge Base and data system. Other themes include space weather, science planning, and collaborative science.
The meeting concludes on Friday afternoon with more technical sessions and an SDO SWG (Science Working Group) meeting.

Detailed Schedule with Session Descriptions

The detailed web schedule provides all of the specific information on sessions.
Click on a title to see the session's organizers, its purpose, and the agenda.

Food and Refreshments

Breakfast is provided each day for registered participants, as are coffee and beverages throughout the day.
Lunch and breaks with food are provided only on Tuesday and Friday.
Longer lunch breaks are scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday.
A special Cajun banquet is scheduled for Thursday evening.

Top-level Schedule

Each day begins with a plenary session at 8:30. Each session lasts 90 minutes. There is ample time for breaks and independent discussions.

Posters will be available throughout the meeting, with special sessions for poster viewing at the end of each day.

Tuesday, March 25
	  8:30 Plenary - Project Reports
	 10:30 Plenary - Science Session & E/PO
	  1:30 Working Group Sessions
	  3:30 Working group sessions
	  5:30 Posters

Wednesday, March 26
	  8:30 Plenary - JSOC and Sciecne
	 10:30 Working Groups
		Extended Lunch Break - no lunch provided
	  2:30 Working Groups
	  4:15 Working groups
	  6:00 Posters

Thursday, March 27
	  8:30 Plenary Science Session
	 10:30 Working Groups 
		Extended Lunch Break - no lunch provided
	  2:30 Working Groups
	  4:15 Working groups
	  6:00 Posters
		Cajun Banquet - 7:30 p.m.

Friday, March 28
	  8:30 Plenary & Working Groups - Collaborative Science
	 10:30 Working Groups
		Lunch provided
	  1:30 Technical Working Groups
	  3:30 SDO Science Working Group

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