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HMI LAUNCHED! 11 February, 2010

Cape Canaveral AFS, Fla. (Feb. 11, 2010) -  A United Launch Alliance Atlas V with NASA?s
  Solar Dynamics Observatory launches from its Space Launch
  Complex-41 launch pad at 10:23 a.m. EST here today. 
  SDO is the first satellite of NASA?s Living with a Star (LWS) program. Its purpose is to examine
  the sun, the source of all space weather.  Photo by Pat Corkery, United Launch Alliance.

  • Videos: Highlights | Launch | VIP HiRes 409Mb |
       LoRes 19Mb |
        Youtube: Shocking (@0:22) Atlas Kills Sun Dog (@1:52)
  • SDO Mission Info
  • NASA SDO Mission Launch Blog
  • Launch Briefing materials
  • SU Press Release

    First Light News and Images

  • HMI first light images and movies
  • Magnetogram animation (mpeg)
  • Sunspot Vector Field Movie (mpeg)
  • NASA Press Release
  • Stanford News Article
  • Sonification of First Light Data

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