For Authors

1. Aim and Scope

Our aim is to better communicate recent SDO/HMI data and science results or results that are closely related to HMI science goals. Each nugget should cover one or more of the following topics:

  • Convection-zone dynamics and solar dynamo;
  • Origin and evolution of sunspots, active regions and complexes of activity;
  • Sources and drivers of solar activity and disturbances;
  • Links between the internal processes and dynamics of the corona and heliosphere;
  • Precursors of solar disturbances for space-weather forecasts.

Once a nugget is ready online, we send a notice to SolarNews broadcasting its availability. We encourage interactions between authors and readers by allowing comments and discussion below the main text of each nugget. We moderate comments but the views expressed are those of authors, not the HMI team.

2. Preparing an HMI Science Nugget

Science nuggets should be less than 800 words and written for general readers. They should include a headline (a short title), figure captions, and references. The 800 word limit only applies to the main text and figure captions; words in the headline, author list, affiliations or references should not be counted. The maximum number of figures is 3 and references is 5. Links to other webpages can be incorporated. The content can be prepared in plain text. Special characters or formulas can use LaTeX format. Figures can be PS/EPS, JPG, GIF, or TIFF.

After receiving the submission, we will determine if it is appropriate for posting. If yes, we will further communicate with the authors and help format the submission to post it online. Minor revision may be requested. The submitted nugget can be a shorter version of a published paper, a presentation, or a technical note. It can also be some ongoing work that is not published in a paper yet but is interesting enough to spark a discussion.

3. Submission

Please submit your text and figures by email to:

nuggets (at)

Any questions can be sent to the same email address. Your submission will usually be posted online within 3 days.

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