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25. Solar Flare Forecasting Using HMI Vector Magnetic Field Data with a Support Vector Machine Algorithm

Contributed by Sebastien Couvidat. Posted on August 11, 2014

We attempt to forecast M- and X-class solar flares using a support vector machine algorithm and 4 years of HMI vector magnetic field data. With the true skill statistic as the preferred metric to estimate the algorithm performances, we obtain good predictive abilities. This may be partly due to fine-tuning the algorithm for this purpose, and to a choice of 13 SHARP parameters obtained from vector magnetograms.

9. HMI as “Coronagraph”?

Contributed by Juan-Carlos Martínez Oliveros. Posted on March 26, 2014

Reports of white-light ejecta above the limb of the Sun and imaged without the aid of a true coronagraph are exceedingly rare. Here we report the successful use of HMI to observe flare effects in the corona by the use of differencing as a substitute for an actual occulter.