Monthly Archives: September 2014

28. Sunspot moats versus supergranules

Contributed by Michal Švanda. Posted on September 24, 2014

Flow system in an average supergranule is compared to the moat flow around axisymmetric sunspots. Both phenomena are very similar, only the outflow in the moat is distorted due to the proper motion of the sunspot with respect to the local frame of rest and moat is a purely downflow region.

27. Anomalously Weak Convection on Large Scales in the Sun

Contributed by Shravan Hanasoge. Posted on September 23, 2014

Observed seismic upper bounds on large-scale lateral (horizontal) convective-velocity amplitudes in the solar interior at the depth r/R = 0.96 do not agree with modeling results derived at a similar depth from global convection simulations. The observations of low convective-velocity amplitudes throw into question our understanding of thermal and angular momentum transport in the Sun.