Monthly Archives: October 2014

31. The Photospheric Size-Flux Distribution and its Relationship with the Small-Scale and Global Components of the Solar Dynamo

Contributed by Andrés Muñoz Jaramillo. Posted on October 31, 2014

Taking advantage of 11 different databases, we use statistical analysis to probe the nature of photospheric magnetic structures. We find evidence of two separate mechanisms at play, and propose that they are directly connected to the global and small-scale components of the solar dynamo.

30. Surface and Coronal Field Signatures of Implosions in Two Homologous Solar Flares

Contributed by Chang Liu. Posted on October 27, 2014

By synthesizing the results of photospheric field change indicated by HMI observations and coronal field variation suggested by the NLFFF modeling, we study the flare-related 3D magnetic restructuring and find it consistent with the coronal implosion scenario in the low solar atmosphere.

29. The STARA Sunspot Catalog

Contributed by Fraser Watson. Posted on October 2, 2014

The STARA catalog of sunspot properties from the SOHO/MDI and SDO/HMI data is presented and discussed. For STARA, an automated detection algorithm is employed to compile the first sunspot record from space-based instruments. This catalog is publicly available at